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Novadiet Novaloe Gel 250ml

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It moisturizes the skin after laser and tanning sessions



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Novadiet Novaloe Gel - 250 ml

A gel helps to hydrate the skin and reduce dryness and wrinkles, minimize the discomfort of sensitive skin and those caused by mild irritations such as sun, aesthetic laser treatments, in addition it is used to regenerate and re-epithelial the skin after minor injuries (light burns) scars, stretch marks.
The best moisturizer after laser and tanning sessions.
Contains pure rosehip oil to get rid of skin pigmentation and spots. Contains organic aloe vera to rejuvenate damaged cells.
It is also used on rough areas of the skin such as the elbows, the knee, and the heel of the foot.

Active ingredients:
Aloe vera , Rosa Moschata seed oil .

• Regenerating activity of the skin.
• Moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

How to use:
Apply the gel on the skin, with a gentle massage until product is totally absorbed.

Points of interest:
• For external use only.
• Avoid contact with eyes, mucus and open wounds.
• Stop using if any side effects appear.
• Do not swallow.
• Keep out of reach of children.

Made in

250 ml

Store at room temperature
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