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3 Chenes Capilase 30 Caps For White Hair

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Capsules to prevent the appearance of white hair and maintain natural hair color and vitality

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3 Chenes Capilase 30 Caps For White Hair

3 Chenes Capilase capsules are a food supplement rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and natural elements that are effective in maintaining natural hair color and health.
Chenes Capilase contributes to protection against graying resulting from a lack of melanin pigment, as they are rich in copper, which helps produce melanin pigment, which protects hair follicles from graying (white hair).
Zinc in the formula helps to strengthen the hair follicles and increase the production of keratin, which protects them from aging and maintains the vitality of the hair and its natural color.
Zinc is one of the most important antioxidants that protect hair follicles from harmful external factors that cause stress and damage.
The capsules contain valerian, which maintains the natural hair color and promotes its growth.

Active ingredients:
Copper, Zinc, Valerian, Amino Acids, Vitamin B.

3 Chains capsules strengthen hair follicles.
Helps prevent the appearance of graying (white hair).
It has antioxidant properties.
Maintains natural hair color.

How to use:
Take 1 Chenes Capillary capsule daily with a glass of water.

3 Chenes Capilase capsules should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Keep away from light and heat.
It is recommended that you do not exceed the recommended dose of C3 Chenes Capilase.
It is advised to consult a physician before use.

Made in:

30 Cap

Store at room temperature
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