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A.B.C. Hand & Foot Cream 100 ml

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Experience deep hydration and protection with this hand and foot cream, guarding against dryness and cracks.

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A.B.C. Hand & Foot Cream 100 ml

This Australian Body care cream is specially formulated to offer instant and deep hydration for dry areas such as the hands, feet, and nails.
It contains Tea Tree oil, which helps maintain skin moisture and provides instant relief from skin discomfort.
The cream is infused with Arnica Montana, known for its moisturizing properties, anti, inflammatory effects, and soothing relief for symptoms of dryness.
Hamamelis virginiana, another key ingredient, also helps soothe irritation, inflammation, and dryness and accelerates the healing process for cracked skin.

Active ingredients:
Tea Tree Oil, Arnica Montana, Hamamelis virginiana.

- Suitable for hydrating feet, hands, and nails.
- Soothes and nourishes the skin.
- Deeply hydrates the skin while preventing it from drying out.
- Delivers a cooling and relieving effect.
- Aids in the prevention of cracked heels.

How to use:
- Massage A.B.C. cream gently into hands, feet, and nails.
- Use on clean skin whenever required.

Made in:

100 ml

Store at room temperature
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