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Accu Chek Instant Monitoring System mmol/L Bundle + 50 Strips

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A promotional offer kit containing a blood glucose monitoring device and a test strip box of 50 pieces

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Accu Chek Instant Monitoring System mmol/L Bundle + 50 Strips

Accu Chek Instant Mmol/L Bundle is an offer kit containing a wireless blood glucose monitoring device and a box of strips to use for testing.
Accu Chek Instant Device: A device that offers a user- friendly and connected blood glucose monitoring solution for individuals with diabetes and their healthcare providers.
The device is designed for both those who require simple self- monitoring of blood glucose and those who can benefit from advanced features to manage their diabetes effectively.
Accu Chek Instant Device has a 'simply clear' feature to provide a target range indicator that helps users interpret their blood glucose values accurately.
The device possesses Bluetooth- enabled connectivity to allow for the seamless transfer of blood glucose results to the mySugr® app in order to provide users with a convenient way to track and monitor their glucose levels over time.

Accu Chek Instant Test Strips: Are test strips that are designed to simplify and enhance the blood glucose testing process by providing convenience and accuracy.
The test strips have a wide dosing edge to allow users to apply a blood drop anywhere along the width of the yellow edge to make it easy to obtain a sample.
Accu Chek Instant Test Strips can be ejected from the meter easily to ensure quick and hygienic removal of used strips.
The test strips require only a very small blood sample of just 0.6µl to perform a blood glucose test in order to make the process more comfortable for users.

Accu Chek Instant Mmol/L Bundle Benefits:
- Accu Chek Instant Device:
• Fast accurate results in approximately 4 seconds.
• Provides a user- friendly and clear blood glucose monitoring experience.
• Suitable for both simple self- monitoring and advanced diabetes management.
• Target range indicator visually helps interpret blood glucose values.
• Bluetooth connectivity enables easy transfer of results to the mySugr® app.

- Accu Chek Instant Test Strips:
• Easy application of blood drop anywhere along the strip.
• Requires only a small blood sample for accurate testing.
• Provides convenience and ease of use during glucose testing anywhere at anytime.
• Compatible with the Accu- Chek Instant meter for seamless integration.
• Ensures accurate and reliable results for effective diabetes management.

Directions for use of the Accu Chek Instant Mmol/L Bundle + 50 Strips :
• Apply a small drop of blood on the test strip and then insert the test strip into the Accu Chek Instant meter.
• Check your blood glucose result on the large clear display screen.

More information:
- Accu Chek Instant Device:.
• Guided strip port provides a clear path for inserting the test strip into the meter.
• Results are easy to read with a large and backlit display.
• Strip ejector enables quick and hygienic disposal of used strips.
• The Accu- Chek FastClix lancing device offers virtually pain- free and gentle lancing.

- Accu Chek Instant Test Strips:
• Each test strip is intended for single- time use only.
• Make sure each strip is disposed of in a correct manner to prevent contamination.
• Suitable for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes patients.
• Store in a cool and dry place.

Made in:

1 Monitor + 50 Strips

Store at room temperature
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