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Ahmed Tea Sleep Tea Bags 20'S

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A tea rich in natural ingredients to help you sleep and feels rested and relaxed


Ahmed Tea

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Ahmed Tea Sleep Tea Bags 20'S

• Ahmed's Sleep Tea contains a blend of soothing florals and citruses.
• Made of 100% natural ingredients, which encourage a good night's sleep.
• Ahmed tea contains chamomile, lemon, passionflower, mint, lavender, and honey.
• Chamomile naturally reduces stress, while peppermint relaxes muscles to promote calm.
• Lavender and honey provide a pleasant aroma to help you sleep.
• The box contains 20 closed tea bags.

Active ingredients:
Chamomile, Spearmint, Passion flower.

• Ahmed Tea helps you to fall asleep.
• It increases the feeling of relaxation and comfort.
• Ahmed Tea Sleep Tea reduces feelings of anxiety.

How to use:
• Follow the instructions on the packet.

Point of interest:
• Ahmed Tea Sleep Tea is rich in natural herbs and has a unique flavor.

Made in: United Kingdom.

Quantity: 20 Bags.

Store at room temperature.
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