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Anatax 16 mg 60 Tablets

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Effective drug in the treatment of dizziness, nausea and tinnitus

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Anatax 16 mg 60 Tablets

Betahistine is a medicine that in some of its properties resembles a natural substance called histamine.
Anatax 16 is used to treat patients with Meniere's disease caused by excessive pressure of fluid in the middle ear and relieve its symptoms, which are:
Also, most patients are able to tolerate the drug.

Active ingredients:

Betahistine 16 mg uses
Reduces the symptoms of Meniere's disease, which include:

How To Use anatax 16:
Usually, take the tablet twice a day, or as prescribed by the specialist

It is best taken with food.
anatax is not recommended to stop the drug without consulting a doctor, symptoms may return.

The side effects of anatax:
Gastrointestinal upset can occur in some cases and this can be avoided by taking the medicine during food
Nausea occurs in some cases

Made in:

60 Tablets

Store at room temperature
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