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Antiseptica Povidone Iodine 100 ml

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A powerful antiseptic and disinfectant

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• Antiseptica Povidone Iodine is a powerful antiseptic and disinfectant.

• In contact with skin and mucous membranes of the Antiseptica Povidone Iodine complex gradually releases the active iodine:

which works quickly and has a microbicidal effect (causing the death of a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa).

Active ingredients:

Povidone Iodine, , , ,


Antiseptica Povidone Iodine solution is applied to the skin for:

• Preoperative and post-operative skin antisepsis.

• Antiseptic preparation of the skin and mucous membranes of injections, aspiration needle biopsy.

• Maintaining oral hygiene before, during, and after dental or oral surgery.

• Disinfect skin (prevention of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, and protozoal infections).

• Antiseptic treatment of wounds (lacerations, abrasions, and static decubital infected ulcers, pyoderma, secondarily infected dermatoses, burns of second and third-degree).

• Antiseptic treatment of acute infection of the lining of the mouth and pharynx (gingivitis, stomatitis, mouth ulcers, oral candidiasis, oral ulcers, superficial abscesses, abscesses herpetic).

How To Use:

• Povidone Iodine Solution is for externally.

• The affected area should be clean and dry before application.

• You must wash your hands thoroughly before and after applying for this medicine.

• This medicine should be used regularly to get the most benefit from it.

• Do not use more than you need as it will not clear your condition faster and some side effects may be increased.

Points Of Interest:

• Antiseptica Povidone Iodine medicine may cause side effects like skin irritation, redness, or itching at the site of application.

• Please consult your doctor if these side effects persist for a longer duration of use of Antiseptica Povidone Iodine.

• You should stop taking Antiseptica Povidone Iodine straight away if you have any signs of an allergic reaction.

Signs of this include rash, swelling of the lips, throat, or face, swallowing or breathing problems, feeling dizzy or faint, and nausea.

• Keep Antiseptica Povidone Iodine away from the reach of the children.

Made in:



100 ml

Store at room temperature.

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