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Atache Soft Derm Sensitive Cleansing Facial Gel 115 ml 640862

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Foaming cleansing gel for sensitive skin removes makeup and impurities and calms skin irritation and redness

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Atache Soft Derm Sensitive Cleansing Facial Gel 115 ml

Atache Soft Derm Sensitive Cleanser is part of the ATACHE professional line 'Soft Derm' which specializes in caring for sensitive skin.
It's repairing, soothing, and deeply cleansing the skin from any impurities or makeup residues and protecting the most sensitive and delicate skin.
The gel is soft in texture leading to a calming and repairing action.

Atache Soft Derm Sensitive Cleanser contains:
Thermal water: rich in minerals such as calcium, zinc, and magnesium, which soothe and calm the skin, relieve irritation, and give it freshness.
Glutamate: It works as a moisturizer for the skin and reduces irritation and sensitivity of the skin as well as soothes it. In addition to its effectiveness in cleaning the skin deeply.
Mira Care: Natural oils that have an effective and deep cleansing effect on the face and leave the skin soft and moisturized.

Active ingredients:
Thermal water, Glutamate, Miracare.

• Atache Gel helps to deeply cleanse the skin.
• Works to remove the remnants of make-up and impurities from the skin.
• Atache face Cleansing Gel moisturizes it.
• Soothes skin and gives it a feeling of comfort or refreshment.

Direction of use:
Apply Atache Soft Derm Sensitive Cleanser to the face 2- 3 times daily, with a brush or your fingertips, making delicate circular movements, then rinse it with water and dry it with a towel.

More information:
• Atache cleansing facial gel is dermatologically tested.
• Ideal for sensitive skin and can be used for all skin types.
• Atache cleansing facial gel with foam and soft texture.

Made in

115 ml

Store at room temperature
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