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Athomer Isotonic Propolis Nasal Spray 150 ml

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A nasal spray contains sea water enriched with marine elements in addition to propolis, which are used to clean and moisturize the nose.

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Athomer Isotonic Propolis Nasal Spray 150 ml

Athomer nasal spray contains sea water that helps relieve nasal congestion and treats runny nose.
The spray contains sea water, which is rich in marine minerals, in addition to propolis, known for its anti- inflammatory properties.
Athomer spray can be used by adults and children over the age of 12 months, as it cleans the nose and facilitates breathing.
The spray is characterized by a gentle formula, as it is free of preservatives and artificial colors, and it does not contain propellant gases that are usually used in sprays.

Active ingredients:
Sea Water, Propolis.

Benefits of Athomer spray:
- Treats nasal congestion and cold symptoms.
- Cleans and moisturizes mucous membranes.
- Contains propolis, which protects mucous membranes.
- Facilitates breathing and opens the airways.

How to use Athomer spray:
- Follow the instructions written in the attached leaflet.

• More information:
- Do not use the spray if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.
- Does not contain ingredients of animal origin.
- Keep out of the reach of the children.
- 100% natural product.

Made in:

150 ml

Store at room temperature
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