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Babyllo Baby Gum Teething Gel 15 mL

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Teething Gel Baby as oral pain reliever for teeth

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Babyllo Baby Gum Teething Gel -15 Ml

Baby Gum Teeth Gel

New Developed Formula without Lidocaine.

It helps relax gingiva and freshen your mouth with its special natural formula which includes clove oil, menthol without lidocaine.


• Eliminate Infection & fast toothache pain relief.

Active Ingredient:

Clove essential oil , Menthol.

Points Of Interest:

• Safe, has no side effects, as it contains herbal ingredients.

• It does not contain lidocaine.

• Sugar-free.

How Of Use:

• For children and babies over 3 months old: Apply a small amount simply by rubbing with a silicone finger over the sore area.

• Gently massage.

• Unless recommended otherwise by your doctor, repeat 6 to 8 times a day especially after meat time and before sleeping time.

Dosage Form:



15 mL


Stores at room temperature.

Made in:


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