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Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 100 Golden Tinted Cream 40 mL sun block

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A cream that Protects the skin from harmful sun rays



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Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 100 Golden Tinted Cream 40 mL 
Photoderm Max offers optimized protection against UV rays (sunburn, sun allergies, etc.).
It is formulated with:
the exclusive Cellular Bio protection Patent: prevents premature skin aging, activates the natural defenses, and protects cells.

• Protects the skin from UVA rays.
• It provides you with a radiant and even complexion because of its tinted formula.
• Has a smooth and creamy texture, no greasy effect.

Active Ingredient:
Cellular Bioprotection Patent,, , ,

Points Of Interest:
• Non-comedogenic.
• Unfragranced.
• Water resistant.
• Suitable for sensitive skin, normal to dry skin.
• Suitable for Adults.
• Suitable for Face.

How To Use:
• Uses several times a day - When exposed to the sun.
• STEP 1: Apply evenly and liberally before exposure.
• STEP 2: Re-apply frequently, before and after swimming, rubbing, and playing sports.

Dosage Form:

40 mL

Stores at room temperature

Made in:

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