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Bioderma Sensibio Mild Foaming Gel 200 ml for skin cleaning

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A soothing micellar cleansing gel that reinforces the skin's natural hydration



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Bioderma Sensibio Mild Foaming Gel 200 ml

A cleansing gel helps to soothe the irritation and removes makeup and impurities without drying.
It contains the D.A.F complex that helps to strengthen the skin.
It is enriched with Coco-Glucoside/Glycéryl Oléate that helps to moisturize the skin.


• Gently cleanses and removes makeup from the face and eyes.
• Moisturises the skin.
• Soothes and calms irritations.

Active Ingredient:
D.A.F. Patent, Coco Glucoside

Points Of Interest:
• Non-comedogenic.
• Soap-free.
• Unfragranced.
• Suitable for sensitive skin.
• Suitable for Face, eyes, and eyelids.
• If irritation persists, consult a healthcare professional.

How To Use:
• Uses in the morning and/or evening
• STEP 1: Apply on wet skin.
• STEP 2: Work into a foam.
• STEP 3: Rinse well.
• STEP 4: Gently dry.

200 ml

How To Store:
Stores at room temperature

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