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Beesline Oil Suntan Gold + Invisible SPF 50 Special Offer

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Offer Gold Tanning Oil with Ultrascreen Cream Transparent Sunscreen SPF 50



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Beesline Oil Suntan Gold + Invisible Spf 50 Special Offer
Golden Tanning Oil - 200 ml
• A natural mixture of nourishing oils, gives the skin a deep golden brown color, contains beeswax and gold granules, it protects and moisturizes the skin and gives it a safe and long-lasting bronze color.
Ultrascreen Sunscreen Sheer Cream, SPF 50
• Protects the skin from UV damage and signs of aging. Prepared to suit sensitive skin.
• Its formula is non-greasy and does not leave a white effect on the skin, which makes it ideal for use before applying makeup.
Key Ingredients:
• Beeswax: It is a nutrient rich in vitamin E, which helps build cells, and it is also rich in fatty acids that match the lipids of the skin. Beeswax acts as a skin softener and moisturizer. It rejuvenates and softens the skin by restoring the level of moisture to it and preserving it inside.

• Tanning oil gives the skin an attractive and wonderful golden color.
• Leaves the skin radiant, deeply moisturizes, and protects it from dryness and loss of moisture.
• Protects from harmful sun rays, UV Rays (A, B), and infrared rays.

How To Use:
Follow these steps to get the best results:
• Apply The Golden Tanning Oil to the body before exposure to the sun.
• Reapply regularly, especially after swimming and drying.
• For fair skin, we recommend mixing the oil with Ultrascreen Cream, a transparent sunscreen, with SPF 50.
after shower. Apply Beesline Cooling Lotion or Repairing Milk after exposure to the sun.

room temperature.


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