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Benexe NASO Nasal Spray 30 ml

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Nasal Sea Water Hypertonic Solution

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Benexe NASO Nasal Spray - 30 ml

•Benex nasal spray is a sea water hypertonic solution enriched with a variety of natural ingredients : Aloe vera, essential oils of tea tree, lemon and mountain pine.
•This formulation develops a moisturizing, soothing, softening and balsamic action.
•Your nose filters approximately 10,000 litres of air from a polluted environment or from indoor spaces with a very low humidity level, such as houses, offices or cars.
•These conditions can lead to an excessive mucus production or dry mucus, which are very often underestimated threats.
•These common ailments can be, for adults but also for children, precursors to more serious problems, such as respiratory infections, due to reduced filtering capacity of the nose.
•Cleaning your nose, also daily, is the best solution to maintain your nasal mucosa efficiently and to take care of your respiratory system’s well-being.

•Multi action: soothing, moisturizing, softening, balsamic.

Active ingredient:
Aloe vera , essential oils of tea tree , lemon , mountain pine.

Nasel disorder.

Points Of Interest:
•Does not contain vasoconstrictors.
•Does not generate addiction or dependency (rebound effect).
•Eco-friendly no gas spray.

How To Use:
•1 or 2 nebulizations per nostril up to 4 times a day.

30 ml

Dosage Form:
Nasal Spray.

room temperature.

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