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Benexe Saline Solution Monodose 30 Vials For nasal and eye hygiene

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For nasal and eye hygiene and moisturizing of all ages.

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Benexe Saline Solution Monodose 30 Vials

Benexe Saline Solution is an easy to use single dose saline Solution recommended for the daily wash or toiletry of the nose and the eyes of the infant, child or adult. It gently cleanses and moisturizes the nasal mucosa and eyes.

• For nasal and eye hygiene.
• For moisturizing eyes and nose.

How to use:
Break off a single dose vial and open it by twisting the top off.
Used as needed.

All Active Ingredients:
Sodium Chloride , Purified Water , , ,

Points of interest:
• Single use only.
• Do not use the same unit for the nose and eye.
• Opened single dose vials must not be reused, since the product does not contain preservatives.

room temperature.

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