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Beurer Wellbeing Heat Pad HK55 Easyfix

32.500 KD

A multi-use heat pad that keeps you warm and relieves muscle and joint pain

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Beurer Wellbeing Heat Pad HK55 Easyfix

A Beurer Heating Pad that can be used to relieve muscle, joint, back, stomach, and neck pain.
Made of high-quality materials and a soft cover to give you maximum comfort.
Heating pad has an optimized and advanced design as it is equipped with a Beurer safety system and an electronic sensor for overheating protection.
It has three heat settings that ensure even heat distribution and fast heating.
Heating pad features an automatic shut-off after 90 minutes of use and can be controlled via the console.

• A Beurer Heating Pad that gives you a feeling of warmth, comfort, and relaxation.
• Heating Pad helps relieve back, joint, and muscle pain.
• Helps relieve abdominal pain, cramps, and cramps.

How to use:
• Follow the instructions included with the heating pad.

Point of interest:
• Heating pad is safe and easy to use.
• The cover is washable and maintains the same comfortable and warm feeling throughout its use.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Heat pad with attached belt suitable for all sizes.

Made in:

One Piece

Store at room temperature
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