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Biocyte Acne Expert Beauty Caps 60'S dietary supplement

20.860 KD

Contributes to clear skin and helps skin with imperfections

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Biocyte Acne Expert Beauty Caps 60'S 

Our current diet, too rich in fats and sugars, as well as hormonal variations and stress, can lead to irregular production of sebum causing skin imperfections to appear
Expert is a food supplement specifically formulated to limit skin imperfections. It contains nettle which contributes to clear skin and helps skin with imperfections.

Benefits Of Biocyte Acne Expert:

• Sebum production regulated
• Clear the skin
• Smoother skin texture

Active Ingredients:


How to use:

2 Capsules per day, during the meal, with a large glass of water.
Use for 3 months.

60 Caps

Stores at room temperature
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