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Biofar 27 Vitamins & Mineraux Effervescent Tabs 15'S

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A high potency multivitamin and minerals effervescent tablet

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Biofar 27 Vitamins & Mineraux Effervescent Tabs 15'S 146

• Biofar contains 27 Vitamins and Minerals to treat and prevent vitamin deficiency in a testy orange flavor and in a form of effervescent to ensure rapid absorption of active ingredients.
• Vitamins are important to keep the body healthy and strong and increase immunity, support heart health, improve vision, normal brain function, healthy bones, and have a remarkable role for bright, healthy-looking skin.
• Biofar tablets contains Selenium, which is a mineral with antioxidant effects that help in protecting the body from diseases and boosts the immune system.

Active ingredients:
Vitamins , Minerals 

• Biofar tablets used for overall health.
• Has an Antioxidant effect.
• Helps to increase immunity.
• Biofar tablets supports bones and joint health.
• Biofar help in reducing tired and fatigue.

How to use:
• Take 1 Biofar effervescent tablet per day, preferably in the morning after breakfast, to dissolve in a large glass of water.

Points of interest:
• Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of Biofar .
• Keep out of the reach of young children.

Made in:

15 Effervescent Tabs

Store at room temperature
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