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Bionime Rightest Device + 2 Glucose Strip Promo Pack

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A high-accuracy device for measuring blood glucose and tracking changes in glucose levels with glucose measuring strips

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Bionime Rightest Device + 2 Glucose Strip Promo Pack

Rightest Bionime Device monitors and tracks changes in blood sugar, as it gives you accurate results within seconds. It is also included with 2 Glucose Strip Promo Pack.
The device is easy to use as it has a large and clear screen to read the results easily.
The glucose meter features a storage memory that saves up to 500 blood glucose results with date and time to facilitate tracking of changes in blood sugar.
Equipped with Bluetooth technology, results can be sent wirelessly via applications that support blood glucose measurement, making it easy to review and track blood sugar information on the go. It is equipped with an alert indicator and a warning when blood glucose is high or low and when a blood ketone test is needed. The Rightest Bionime Device with Glucose Strips is essential for all diabetics.


• A Rightest Bionime Device with Glucose Strip helps to track changes in blood sugar and measure sugar levels with high accuracy.

How to use:

• Wash and dry your hands before use. Take a blood glucose test strip from the box. Close the can tightly.
• Insert the blood glucose measuring tape with the tip of the tape prepared for placing the blood point facing up, until you have finished entering the measuring device.
• When you see the blinking drop of blood, hold the lancing device at the side of your fingertip and press the release button.
• Gently tap the tip of your finger to get a drop of blood.
• Place the tip of the finger and the drop of blood in the middle of the square pillow.
• Rum will appear on the screen of the blood glucose meter and then the result will be shown.

Point of interest:

• Sterilize the Rightest Bionime Device before each use.
• Avoid placing the screen under heavy weights.
• Make sure your hands are clean before use.
• Do not use Rightest Bionime strips after the expiry date to ensure correct results.
• Keep out of reach of children.

Made in:



One Device + 2 Glucose Strip Pack

Store at room temperature.
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