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Buccotherm Mouthwash 300 ml

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Mouthwash eliminates bad breath and prevents cavities

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Buccotherm Mouthwash 300 ml
Buccotherm Mouthwash is formulated to prevent plaque and purify the breath. it is suitable for sensitive gum.
Maintains the natural color of teeth.
Buccotherm Mouthwash contains green tea that helps to limit the bacterial proliferation that creates caries.

Active ingredients:
Green tea,,,,

• Buccotherm mouthwash Prevents plaque, cavities, and bad breath.

How to use:
Fill the measuring cup of Buccotherm Mouthwash Alcohol-Free up to the 10ml line and don't dilute.
Apply on the mouth, twice a day, after brushing the teeth.
Rinse the mouth completely with Buccotherm mouthwash and then reject it without swallowing.

More information:
For external use only.
Keep Buccotherm out of the reach of children.

Made in:

300 ml.

Store at room temperature.

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