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Butler Gum Junior +6 Years Mouthrinse 300 ml

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Strawberry flavored mouthwash for children helps to maintain oral hygiene


Butler Gum

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Butler Gum Junior +6 Years Mouthwash 300 ml

Butler Gum Junior +6 Years Mouthwash is formulated with a natural formula that helps to maintain kids' oral health and hygiene.
It helps to prevent plaque, protect against tooth decay and support enamel remineralization.
The pleasant strawberry flavor of Gum junior mouthwash encourages your child to rinse their teeth after brushing

Active ingredients:

Fluoride, Isomalt, Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Chamomile Flower Extract.


• Butler Gum Junior mouthwash supports remineralization.
• Has anti-plaque action.
• Butler Gum Junior +6 Years mouthwash protects the enamel and prevents tooth decay.

How to use:

Rinse once daily with 15 ml for 30 seconds after brushing, do not swallow.

Points of interest:

• It is recommended to brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes.
• Don't forget to visit your dentist every six months.
• 0% alcohol.

Made in:

300 ml

Store at room temperature.
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