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Care Well Ear Syringe 1 Pc

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A tool that helps clean the ear and get rid of wax and accumulated dirt safely

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Care Well Ear Syringe 1 Pc 

Ear Syringe Gently cleans the ears and removes dirt and earwax, which may cause ear blockage, hearing impairment, and ear infections.
The Ear Syringe is easy to clean and use as it is safe as ensures maximum levels of hygiene without damaging the eardrum.

• Ear Syringe is used to clean the ear and remove wax and dirt safely.

How to use:
• Fill the Ear Syringe with warm water, Water that is too cold will hurt your ear, and if it is too hot, could burn you or make you dizzy.
• If you wish to be exact, heat some water to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius) using a food thermometer to get an accurate reading.

Point of interest:
• Do not use Ear Syringe with a bulb in the following cases:
• pain in the ear.
• A history of perforation of the eardrum in the affected ear.
• A recent history of otitis in the affected ear.
• Symptoms of an ear infection - usually pain or a foul-smelling discharge.
• If you have a harmful discharge from the ear, it may mean that you have an ear infection.
• If you have only one hearing ear, which is the affected ear.
• Previous Ear Syringe on the affected ear.
• Be sure to clean it after each use.

Made in:

One piece

Store at room temperature.
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