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Care Well Nasal Aspirator For Infants 1 Pc

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A tool that helps clean your child's nose and gets rid of secretions safely and comfortably

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Care Well Nasal Aspirator For Infants 1 Pc 

Nasal Aspirator for infants and children, as it cleans your child's nose and gets rid of mucus and nasal secretions in cases of congestion, colds, or stuffy nose.
A nasal Aspirator helps you ensure maximum hygiene allowing your baby to breathe freely as well as making it easier to sleep and feed.
It has an ideal design, safe and suitable for your baby's delicate membranes, and is easy to use.

• The Nasal Aspirator helps promote your child's breathing freely by cleaning your child's nose and getting rid of nasal secretions.

How to use:
1- When using a Nasal Aspirator, start pressing it before inserting it into your child's nose.
2- Insert the tip of the Nasal Aspirator into the child's nose and hold it, then slowly reduce the pressure on it to draw out the mucus.
3- Repeat these steps two to three times in each opening.

Point of interest:
• Clean the Nasal Aspirator after each use.
• Make sure to choose the appropriate times to clean your child's nose, as it is recommended before your child eats milk.
• keep away from the reach of the children.

Made in:

One piece

Store at room temperature.
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