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Case Ankle Support S

6.500 KD

Provides stabilization and support for the ankle and foot



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Case Ankle Support HB 5006 S
Ankle Support from Case help supports the ankle and foot by providing an external layer of support to help facilitate healing the injured internal structures (ligaments and muscle tendons).
It is made of breathable perforated neoprene fabric. It provides stabilization with its plastic underwire.

• Material: It is made from neoprene fabric, cotton fabric, plastic rods.
• Color: blue.
• Size: S.
• Cm: 20 – 22 cm.

Can be used:
• Protection of ankle injuries.
• Before and after fracture surgery.
• To support hematoma absorption.
• Ankle ligament support
• Ankle distortions.

How to wear:
Read the manual for the instructions.
Points of interest:
• This medical instrument has been designed for single patient use.

Washing instructions:
• Wash the product at 30C by hand wash.
• Do not use a washing machine.
• Dry the product on a towel.
• Do not use a dryer.

room temperature.

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