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Case Knitted Wrist Splint XL-XXL Right

4.900 KD

Reduce pain, protect against injury and provide wrist stabilization



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Case Knitted Wrist Splint KB 432 XL-XXL Right
Knitted Wrist Splint from Case is used to reduce pain, protect against injury and provide rest for the wrist.
It is made of flexible knitted fabric with breathable holes.

• Used for the right hand.
• Material: It is made from knitted fabric.
• Color: gray and red.
• Size: It fits 2 sizes: XL – XXL.
• Cm of wrist: 19 – 21 cm.

It can be used in cases of:
• Carpal tunnel syndrome.
• Wrist stabilization.
• Edema and pain.
• Trauma or after surgery.
• Soft tissue injuries.
• Arthritis.
• Fractures after gypsum treatment.

How to wear:
Read the manual for the instructions.
Points of interest:
• This medical instrument has been designed for single patient use.

Washing instructions:
• Wash the product at 30C by hand wash.
• Do not use a washing machine.
• Dry the product on a towel.
• Do not use a dryer.

room temperature.

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