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Sun Med Cooling Patch 6 Pads

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Cooling Patch to treat fever

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Sun Med Cooling Patch 6 Pads

Sun Med patch is a fever patch for children and adults, providing an immediate and long-lasting soothing and cooling effect.

It helps to absorb the heat, this patch attaches firmly to the forehead and it can be used for the other body part.

Benefits Of Sun Med:

• Sun Med Cooling Patch has a rapid temperature reduction
• Relieves pain.
• Sun Med Cooling Patch has a refreshing effect.

How to use:
Pull off the transparent film and apply the cooling gel patch surface on the skin.
Change the cooling patch every 8 hours if needed.
To enhance the cooling effect, place the cooling patch in the refrigerator before use.
It can be cut into appropriate sizes according to the need.

Points of interest:
• Avoid using the patches on the eyes, wounds, eczema, dermatitis, and other skin abnormalities parts.
• For single use only.
• Consult a doctor if the fever does not draw back.
• Keep away from children's reach.

Made in:

6 Patches

Store at room temperature.
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