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Credo S Cuticle Trimmer

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Nail cuticle removal tool

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Credo S Cuticle Trimmer
Credo S Cuticle Trimmer works to remove cuticles and dead skin around the nails easily and effortlessly.
It also securely trims the edges of fingernails and toenails, giving your nails a more attractive appearance.
The Credo tool is designed with a double head and a plastic handle.

• Credo tools remove excess skin around the toenails and hands.
• Credo tools safely trim the edges of fingernails and toenails.
• Makes nails look more attractive.
• This tool is used to keep nails soft.

How to use:
The Credo tool is used by placing it on the tips of the nails from the inside and then gently pushing back, removing the dead skin from the corners of the nails.
Follow this method after showering due to the moisture of the skin to avoid cutting the skin and getting rid of the thin skin.

Point of interest:
• For external use.
• Avoid removing healthy skin.
• Keep out of the reach of children.

Made in:

1 Piece.

Store at room temperature.

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