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Crescina HFSC 100% 1300 Woman TC 10+10

Crescina Hfsc 100% hair growth is a boosted slow-release treatment indicated for hair loss.
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Crescina HFSC 100% 1300 Woman TC 10+10

This treatment combines both formulations in one pack.Amber vial: Crescina Re-Growth HFSC contains the patented core of Crescina Re-Growth (Cysteine, Lysine, Glycoprotein), which promotes the physiological hair growth.
Transparent vial: Crescina Anti-Hair Loss HSSC – Enhanced Formula blends the basic active ingredients with the HSSC complex, which helps prevent and hinder the physiological, non-pathological, causes of hair loss.

Benefit of Crescina:
1300 concentration is useful in cases of advanced stages of hair thinning + sever stages of hair loss.

How To Use Crescina:
Each vial contains 3.5 ml of the preparation and should be used every day for 5 consecutive days followed by a break of two days. Each box containing 20 vials is meant for a 1-month treatment (that can be repeated several times a year). A minimum treatment of 2 months is recommended.

More information of Crescina:
Thanks to the presence of Stem-Engine, the preparation favors the creation of excellent environment, inside the follicle, for the activation of stem cells, which is necessary for the growth of new hairs.

How To Store:
room temperature.

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