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Daily Vit+ Vitamin C 1000 mg With Rosehip Flavour 20 Eff. Tabs

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Effervescent tablets with a delicious rosehip flavor work to strengthen the body's immunity

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Daily Vit+ Vitamin C 1000 mg With Rosehip Flavour 20 Eff. Tabs

Daily Vit+ Vitamin C 1000 mg With Rosehip is a food supplement that is Rosehip flavored and effervescent tablet in form.
Considered to be the solution for your Vitamin C daily requirement, as the body is incapable of storing it naturally for a long length of time.
Vitamin C works with the body to maintain a strong and healthy immune system.
An Potent antioxidant that works by protecting the body against free radicals to ensure the cells remain healthy.

Active ingredients:
Vitamin C , Rosehip Flavour, Sodium Hydrogen Bicarbonate, ,

• Effervescent tablets, easy to take for those who are unable to swallow tablets.
• Vitamin C tablets from Daily Vit help strengthen immunity due to the high concentration of Vitamin C.
• It has antioxidant properties to maintain healthy cells and fight free radicals.
• Vitamin C effervescent tablets are rosehip flavored for a better taste.
• Contains natural bee's propolis known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Direction for use:
• Dissolve one vitamin C effervescent tablet in a cup of water.
• Use 1-4 effervescent per day when needed.
• Do not exceed 6 effervescent tablets in one day.

More information:
• Do not swallow the effervescent tablet.
• Keep in a cool dry place less than 30 degrees Celsius.
• Keep out of the reach of children.

Made in:

20 effervescent tablets

Store at room temperature
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