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Pain Relief

Deep Heat Pain Relief Patch 1 Pc

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A hot adhesive that has immediate effect in relieving muscle pain and fatigue and getting rid of back and neck pain.

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Deep Heat Pain Relief Patch 1 Pc

Deep Heat Patch is a hot patch used to relieve muscle pain, muscle tension, and back and joint pain.
The patch works immediately, as you can feel the warmth within 5 minutes of using the patch, and the effect continues for up to 16 hours after use.
Increased blood flow to the affected area, stimulated by the patch's heat, promotes healing and reduces muscle tension, joint stiffness, and back and neck pain.

Benefits of Deep Heat patch:
- Relieves pain.
- Treats muscle spasm.
- Used for back and neck pain.
- Provides a heating effect to the skin.

How to use:
- Place the patch on dry, clean skin.

• More information:
- Do not apply to broken skin or bruises.
- Stop using if signs of allergy appear.
- Do not cut the patch before use.
- Used only once.

Made in:

1 Pc

Store at room temperature
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