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Depurdent Tooth Paste 50 mL

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A Cleaning & Polishing Toothpaste for teeth whitening

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Depurdent Toothpaste - 50ml

• Depurdent Cleaning & Polishing Toothpaste removes tough stains from your teeth and brightens them at the same time.
• This toothpaste reaches every corner of your mouth — from in between your teeth along the gum line.
• It foams up to deeply cleanse your teeth and gently polish your teeth, without harming them.
• The whitening agents in Depurdent Cleaning & Polishing Toothpaste restore your teeth' natural white color.
• Made with a fluoride-free formula, this toothpaste cleans plaque build-up, fights foul breath-causing bacteria, prevents tartar build-up, and is gentle on the teeth.
• Regular usage promotes better dental health and helps in maintaining your naturally white teeth.
• With every brush, Depurdent Cleaning & Polishing Toothpaste gives you a white, radiating, fresh and confident smile.

• Removes tough stains and brightens the teeth.
• Deeply cleans your teeth, returns their natural white shine, and polishes them, without harming the original enamel.
• Removes hard and soft plaque, prevents tartar build-up, removes stains, and promotes healthy teeth whitening.
• Along with polishing and cleaning your teeth, this toothpaste also fights odor-causing bacteria.

How to use:
• Rinse your toothbrush with warm water.
• Squeeze pea-sized toothpaste on your toothbrush.
• Gently move the toothbrush back and forth, along your teeth to create cleaning foam.
• Brush the sides and top of your teeth using different motions.
• Brush your teeth for at least two minutes.
• Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.

Active Ingredients:
Calcium granules, pumice granules, glycerin, silicon, titanium dioxide

Points Of Interest:

• For external use only.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Children under the age of 5 need adult supervision and guidance to properly use toothpaste.

How to store:
Stores at room temperature

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