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Derma Dr Kakadu C Vit C Peel Pads 30'S 20242

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Wet wipes containing vitamin c, vitamin eand ferulic acid, in addition to 7 sources of AHA's and BHS's for light peeling .

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Derma Dr Kakadu C Vit C Peel Pads 30'S

This intensive formulation also features 7 sources of AHA & BHA plus ferulic acid to help create the appearance of brighter, smoother, firmer and more even skin. Kakadu C Peel Pads contain Antioxidant boosters like Australian lime caviar help protect skin against free radical damage.

Benefit or Uses:
Helps to lift away dead skin cells, brighten and even complexion.
Reduces fine wrinkle lines.

Active ingredient:
Vitamin C , AHA , BHA 

Once daily, wipe on face and neck, keep it between 1to 3 minutes, then rinse with water


room temperature

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