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Derma T 1% Topical Solution 30 ml

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A topical solution containing the antibiotic clindamycin, which eliminates acne-causing bacteria and treats inflamed pimples.

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Derma T 1% Topical Solution 30 ml

Derma T Solution is a solution containing clindamycin hydrochloride, used to treat inflamed acne.
Clindamycin belongs to a class of antibiotics that eliminate the bacteria responsible for acne development.
Applied directly to the skin, Derma T allows clindamycin to be absorbed and effectively treat pimples, reducing redness and swelling.
In conjunction with other treatments, Derma T Solution is effective in managing acne and can also be used for other skin conditions caused by bacteria.

Active ingredients:

Benefits of Derma T Solution:
- Kills acne- causing bacteria.
- Reduces pimple inflammation and swelling.
- Used to treat bacterial dermatitis.

How to use:
• Follow the instructions in the package leaflet or as directed by your doctor.

Warnings and precautions:
- Tell your doctor before use if you suffer from eczema or other skin problems.
- Avoid applying to the eyes, nose, and lips.
- You should not use skin products while using this solution without consulting a doctor.

• Other medication and Clindamycin:
- Tell your doctor if you are using erythromycin, whether it is used topically or orally.
- Do not use other topical products containing antibiotics without consulting your doctor.

Possible side effects:
- Burning or itching.
- Dry and peeling skin.
- Skin redness.

Made in:
Saudi Arabia

30 ml

Store at room temperature
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