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Pain Relief

Diclo 75mg ID 20 Tabs

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Tablets that are used treat pain and inflammation in various conditions such as arthritis, gout, and menstrual cramps

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Diclo 75mg ID 20' tab:

Diclo tablets are tablets that reduce pain and inflammation in various conditions through their anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.
The tablets contain diclofenac sodium as its active ingredient which is classified as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).
Diclo tablets work by blocking the production of chemicals called prostaglandins in the body.
Prostaglandins are involved in inflammation, pain, and fever so reducing prostaglandins can relieve these symptoms.
Diclo tablets are modified-release which means the pain relieving effects can last longer.

Active ingredients:
Diclofenac sodium

Diclo 75mg Benefits:
• Reduce pain and inflammation felt due to different conditions.
• Have an antipyretic effect to reduce fevers.
• Long-lasting effects by being modified release.

Direction of use for the Diclo 75mg ID 20' tab:
• Take 1-2 Diclo 75mg tablet daily after meals or as instructed by your doctor.

More information:
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Made in:

20 Tabs

Store at room temperature

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