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Difa Cooper Eutrosis 45 Cream 75 mL emollient and exfoliating

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An emollient and exfoliating cream for scales

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Difa Cooper Eutrosis 45 Cream - 75 ml

• Emollient cream which treats severe skin dryness conditions.
• The 45% urea stabilized glycoside formulation makes Eutrosis 45 particularly effective in helping to smooth skin, helping to reduce scales and unhealthy thickening.
• It aids to remove scales and thickening.

• An emollient and moisturizing cream, which works to restore the moisture balance of the skin.
• treats crusts and very dry skin and reduces the thickness of the skin.
• Depends on the moisturizing efficacy of the urea complex.

How To Use:
• Apply twice daily on affected areas of the body, in localized areas, such as elbows, hands, knees, heels, feet and nail cuticles, or extensive areas.
• Massage gently to help absorption.
• It is not greasy, does not blemish, and can also be applied during the day.

Active Ingredients:
urea stabilized glycoside formulation.

75 mL

Dosage Form:

Stores at room temperature.

Made In:

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