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Dr Q Oxygen Shampoo 1+1 Offer

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Hair loss treatment shampoo



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Dr Q Oxygen Shampoo 1+1 Offer 
• Oxygen Shampoo Is a treatment against all forms of hair loss and is especially effective for people with fine hair.
• It improves tissue oxygenation, extending the hair growth phase by stimulating the peripheral microcirculation ( nourishes & wakes up sleepy hair follicles).
• People that tend to cover their hair most of the time suffer from fine and thin hair, Oxygen shampoo stimulates the scalp which increases blood flow to the scalp.

• Hydrates and nourishes your hair.
• Activates new hair growth, Beautiful, Well-Groomed hair.
• Complex of Peptides and proteins (proved successful in tests)
• Contains vitamins that help restore, heal & straighten your hair from the roots by infusing your scalp with vitamins & oxygen.
• Designed to repair the covered breathless hair.
• This shampoo works to restore your hair with a concentrated formula of fatty acids allowing your hair to breathe normally.
• It’s the best secret for healthy shiny hair.

How To Use:
• Like any shampoo, Be Gentle on Hair, Hard on Scalp.
• Massage small amounts into wet hair & scalp, work into a rich lather and let it settle for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly, avoiding eye contact.

All activing:
Elastin, Collagen , Panthenol, Vitamin C and Other Vitamins ,

room temperature.

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