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Earneed Olive Oil Ear Drops 15 ml

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Ear drops of natural olive oil that help remove accumulated wax and relieve itching and ear pain

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Earneed Olive Oil Ear Drops 15 ml

Earneed Olive Oil is a simple and effective ear drop.
It is designed to help to remove earwax from blocked ears by softening waxy build-up.
Ideal for those who are suffering from blocked ears caused by earwax and are looking for an easy, natural solution.
Accumulated hard Ear wax causes some discomfort, irritation or pain, loss of hearing, dizziness, and tinnitus (ringing sound in the ear) that results from:
Excessive secretion of wax, blockage of ear canals, or placing hard objects in the ear that push the wax into the ear, such as hearing aids, earplugs, etc.

Active ingredients:
Olive oil, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose,

• Simple and effective ear drops.
• Earneed olive oil ear drops gently soften the accumulated wax.
• Helps remove hardened earwax.
• Soothes itching and pain in the ear.

How to use:
Tilt the head on one side and squeeze 3-6 drops of Earneed advance into the ear.
Keep them in the ear for a few minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Points of interest:
• For external use only.
• If an allergic reaction occurs or worsens the condition, directly contact your doctor.
• Store in a dry place at a temperature below 30c.
• Keep out of reach of children.

Made in: India

Quantity: 15 ml

Store at room temperature


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