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Electric Blackhead Remover K001 For healthy skin

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For deep skin cleaning that help absorb and remove blackheads and clean pores quickly and effectively.

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Electric Blackhead Remover K001

Electric Blackhead Remover has a strong vacuum which clean deep into your facial skin to absorb and remove blackheads and clean pores quickly and effectively to achieve harmless facial cleaning.
It comes with 5 replaceable probe heads and 3 adjustable suction modes design for all your facial problems and for all skin types. It removes blackheads, excess oil, acne and it promote skin nutrition absorption, promote skin blood circulation, increase skin elasticity and fade fine lines.
The compact size makes the product portable and very easy to operate. It also has 3 suction modes for every skin type:
Low Suction Mode (L1): For oily skin, suitable to clean residues in pores.
Medium Suction Mode (L2): For neutral skin, suitable to clean blackheads and acne.
High Suction Mode (L3): For dry skin, suitable to clean blackheads.
• Remove the blackheads, fine lines, excess oil, acne.
• Promote facial blood circulation.

How to use:
Clean your face with facial cleanser.
Open facial pores by using face steamer or hot towel over 5 minutes.
Slide Slowly in Single Horizontal Direction.
Move the product back and forth, DON'T keep it on one spot over 2 seconds.
Use cold water/toner or mask to shrink your pores after treatment.

Points of interest:
• It comes with 5 replaceable probe heads.
• It has 3 adjustable suction modes.
• USB Rechargeable.
• It is recommended to clean the device after each use.
• DON'T stay on same place over 2 seconds while using the device.
• Each probe has different job:
Small round probe: to absorb small blackheads.
Round probe: to absorb large blackheads.
Large round probe: to lifting and tighten skin to create V face.
Oval probe: to remove fine lines.
Microcrystalline probe: to exfoliating dead skin.

room temperature.

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