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Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste Bicarbonate 75 ml

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Mint-flavored toothpaste helps to whiten the teeth and prevent tooth decay Toothpaste is long-lasting effectiveness in whitening and decay of the teeth

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Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste Bicarbonate 75 ml 

ELGYDIUM WHITENING toothpaste helps remove superficial tooth discoloration (caused in particular by food and drink or smoking) while caring for the teeth.
It is mint-flavored and prolongs whiteness following tartar removal or professional whitening.
ELGYDIUM WHITENING toothpaste contains sodium bicarbonate that helps to whiten and cleanse the teeth, the mint flavor gives you extra fresh breath.

Active ingredients:
Sodium bicarbonate.

• Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste gives you whiter, brighter teeth.
• Quick and long-lasting effectiveness.

How to use:
Brush your teeth with Elgydium Whitening Toothpaste for two to three minutes, two to three times a day, after every meal, using a suitable brush, such as ELGYDIUM Whitening brush.

Points of interest:
• Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age.
• Avoid swallowing during use.
• Avoid use if allergic reactions occur or worsen the condition.
• Keep in a dry and cool place.

Made in:

75 ml

Store at room temperature
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