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Elgydium Ortho X Toothbrush 1 Pc

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Toothbrush for adults who wear orthodontics help to clean the teeth effectively

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Elgydium Ortho X Toothbrush 1 Pc 

ELGYDIUM CLINIC ORTHODONTICS Adult toothbrush is aimed at adults who wear braces.
ELGYDIUM CLINIC ORTHODONTICS Adult toothbrush has crossed bristles around the edge that pass under the arch wire of braces and clean hard-to-reach areas.
The central bristles are shorter and tougher for optimal brushing on the brackets.

• Elgydium Ortho X Toothbrush effectively cleanses the teeth.
• Cleanses hard-to-reach places.
• Elgydium Ortho X Toothbrush maintains oral hygiene and health.

Points of interest:
• Use a toothpaste formulated to protect against plaque, such as ELGYDIUM Anti-Plaque.
• Brush three times a day and after every meal.
• Always keep clean and dry places.
• Wash well with warm water after brushing.
• Cover well the top of the brush in keeping.
• It is for personal use only (one person).
• It is recommended to change the brush every 3 months.

Made in:

1 Pcs

Store at room temperature
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