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Endometrin 100 mg 21 Vaginal Tabs

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These vaginal tablets, containing progesterone, help stabilize new pregnancies and treat certain cases of infertility.

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Endometrin 100 mg 21 Vaginal Tabs

Endometrin vaginal tablets are tablets containing progesterone, a crucial sex hormone for regulating menstrual cycles and stabilizing pregnancy.
These tablets are inserted into the vagina, where they dissolve and gradually secrete progesterone into the bloodstream, attaining a consistent level of the hormone.
As progesterone plays a vital role in stabilizing embryos, Endometrin tablets support embryo implantation and are used in women undergoing in vitro fertilization to enhance the chances of pregnancy.
The package includes a special applicator for safe and effective insertion, ensuring optimal absorption of the hormone into the bloodstream.

Active ingredients:

Benefits of Endometrin Tabs:
- Increase the level of progesterone in the blood.
- Used to treat infertility.
- Used to stabilize the new load.
- Contain an insertion tool.

How to use:
- Follow the doctor’s instructions or the instructions shown in the attached leaflet.

• Warnings and precautions:
- Use with caution by women who suffer from blood clots, liver or kidney problems.
- You should not use it if you have unexplained vaginal bleeding.
- It is not used in case of missed abortion or ectopic pregnancy.
- This treatment can only be taken with a medical prescription.

• Other medication and Progesterone:
- Do not use Endometrin tablets with other medications that are inserted into the vagina.
- Rifampin, and carbamazepine: These drugs may increase the elimination of progesterone.

• Possible side effects:
- Irritation in or around the vagina.
- Digestive system disorder.
- Urinary tract infection.
- Vaginal bleeding.

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Quantity: 21 Vaginal Tabs

Store at room temperature
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