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Epiduo 0.1 / 2.5 Gel 30 g

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Used for the treatment of acne

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Epiduo 0.1 / 2.5 Gel - 30 g

• This medication is used on the skin to treat acne.
• This medication is a combination of adapalene (a retinoid) and benzoyl peroxide (an antibiotic and skin-peeling agent).
• This product may decrease the number and severity of acne pimples and promote quick healing of pimples that do appear.
• Adapalene works by affecting the growth of cells and decreasing swelling and inflammation. Benzoyl peroxide works by reducing the amount of acne-causing bacteria and by causing the skin to dry and peel off.

Epiduo gel Indications:
• Epiduo is used for the treatment of acne.

How To Use epiduo gel :
• Apply a thin film of gel evenly over acne-affected areas once a day at bedtime, avoiding the eyes, lips, and nostrils.
• The skin should be clean and dry before application.
• You should wash your hands thoroughly after you have used Epiduo.

Active Ingredients:
Adapalene, Benzoyl Peroxide.

Epiduo gelSide Effect:
• Dry skin.
• Local skin rash (irritative contact dermatitis).
• Burning sensation.
• Irritation of the skin.
• Redness.
• Scaling.

• You should not use Epiduo in areas where you have cuts, scrapes, sunburn, or eczema.
• Make sure Epiduo does not get into your eyes, mouth or nostrils, and other very sensitive areas of the body, washes these areas immediately with plenty of warm water.
• Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight and UV lamps.
• Avoid getting Epiduo on your hair or colored fabrics as it may bleach them and wash your hands thoroughly after you have used the medicine. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist before using Epiduo.

• Avoid using Epiduo at the same time as cosmetics cause irritating, drying, or exfoliating the skin.

Stores at room temperature.
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