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Eucerin Wash Lotion 400 ml

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A mild body cleanser that protects skin’s natural defenses and prevents it from drying out



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Eucerin Wash Lotion 400 ml

Eucerin pH5 Washlotion is a daily-use face and body cleanser that is free from alkali soap.
Extra-mild surfactants ensure that dry, sensitive skin is gently but effectively cleansed.
The unique Eucerin pH Balance System gives the cleanser the optimal pH to protect the skin’s natural defenses, preserve its resilience, and prevent it from drying out.
The Washlotion is available in both lightly fragranced and unperfumed versions.
It is also suitable for babies and children.

* With special hydrodispersion technology to enable use whilst showering.
* Gently cleanses with a soft foam.
* Prevents skin from drying out, even with frequent use.
* suitable for allergy-prone skin.
* Free-from alkali soap.
* Lightly fragranced.

How to use:
- Massage lotion into the body, It will form a foam to cleanse skin.
- Can be used in shower or bath as often as required.
- For best results, use in combination with a moisturizing care product from the Eucerin pH5 range.

Active ingredients:
Lauryl Glucoside, Citric Acid, glycerin, Hydrogenated Castor Oil.

Storage conditions:
Room temperature.

Made in:

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