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Eurax Cream 60Gm for scabies and itching

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Eurax is topically used to treat scabies and to reduce itching associated with certain skin conditions.

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Eurax 60 Gm - Cream

Eurax (crotamiton) is an anti-parasite medicine that kills certain parasites that live or lay eggs in your skin.
Eurax Cream has scabicide and antipruritic actions. The mechanisms of these actions are not known. The pharmacokinetics of crotamiton and its degree of systemic absorption following topical application have not been determined.

For eradication of scabies (Sarcoptes scabies) and for symptomatic treatment of pruritic skin.

Active Ingredient:

Side effects:
• Primary irritation reactions, such as dermatitis, pruritus, and rash.
• Allergic sensitivity reactions have been reported in a few patients.

• Sensitivity or are allergic to cream or any one of the cream ingredients.

How to use:
In Scabies:
Thoroughly massage into the skin of the whole body from the chin down, paying particular attention to all folds and creases.
A second application is advisable 24 hours later.
Clothing and bed linen should be changed the next morning.
A cleansing bath should be taken 48 hours after the last application.

In Pruritus:
Massage gently into affected areas until medication is completely absorbed. Repeat as needed.

Dosage Form:

60 gm

How to store:
keep at room temperature.

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