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Nail Care

Eveline Nail Therpy 8 in 1 Total Action 12 Ml

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Intensive treatment formulated treat damaged and brittle nails.



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Eveline Nail TherpyL 8 in 1 Tot Act 12 ml

Concentrated, quickly absorbing formula with natural Aldehyde that penetrates the nail structure to effectively regenerate and rebuild it. Protects against cracking, breaking, and splitting.
Nail plate gains shine and becomes smooth and resistant to damage while dry, torn, and cracked cuticles become soft and healthy.

Strengthens and nourishes nails
Protects nails.

Active Ingredient:
Ultra keratin, Aldehyde

How to use:
Day 1: apply directly onto the nail.
Day 2: apply the second coat.
Day 3: remove the old coats with nail polish remover and repeat the treatment.
Apply for 2 weeks and stop the treatment for 1 month.

12 ml

How To Store:

room temperature

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