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Eveline Prestige 24K Snail and Caviar Night Cream 50 ml

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Intensely firming anti-wrinkle night cream, helps reduce the signs of aging while improving skin elasticity



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Eveline Prestige 24K Snail and Caviar Night Cream 50 ml

A unique blend of caviar, and precious gold 24k, in addition to snail slim help to promote skin hydration, plump wrinkles and fine wrinkles.
Caviar is a rich source of vitamins and minerals and protein that stimulates the growth of skin cells, it helps to regenerate the skin by stimulating collagen production.
The gold helps to improve skin's elasticity and prevents premature aging and wrinkles. Snail slime protects the skin from free radical, soothes irritation, hydrates skin.

Nourishes skin.
Firms skin.
Moisturizes skin.

Active Ingredient:
Caviar, Snail slime, Bakuchiol.


How to use:
Apply cream every evening with your fingertips to cleansed skin of the face, neck and décolleté by performing a gentle massage.

50 ml

room temperature.

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