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Evra Transdermal Patch 3's

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A birth control contraceptive patch that is used to release hormones through the skin to prevent pregnancy

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Evra Transdermal Patch 3's

Evra Transdermal Patch is a small, beige-colored patch that is placed on the skin once a week for three weeks that is then followed by a patch-free week.
The patch is classified as a combined hormonal contraceptive that delivers the active ingredients norelgestromin and ethinylestradiol through the skin to prevent pregnancy.

Evra Patches contains:

Norelgestromin is a progestogen hormone that works to prevent ovulation.
Ethinylestradiol is an estrogen hormone that thickens cervical mucus and thins the lining of the uterus Which prevents the arrival of sperm.
Evra Transdermal Patch is used to prevent fertilization and implantation of a fertilized egg.

Active ingredients:
Norelgestromin, Ethinylestradiol

Evra Transdermal Patch Benefits:
• Highly effective method in preventing pregnancy.
• Convenient and easy to use requiring only weekly application.
• Provides continuous protection throughout the day as compared to other forms of birth control that require daily administration.

Direction for use of the Evra Transdermal Patch 3's:
• Evra Transdermal Patch should be worn continuously for 21 days.
• A new patch should be applied once a week for three weeks.
• In the fourth week, no patch should be worn.
• To start using the patch, it can be applied on the first day of the next menstrual cycle.

More information:
• Ensure that the patches are kept out of reach and sight of children.
• Store the patches in their original container to prevent exposure to light and moisture.
• Avoid refrigerating or freezing the patch.
• Disposal of used patches should be done with care as they still contain active hormones.

Made in:

3 Patches

Store at room temperature.

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