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Fadomed Ice Cooling Patch 6 Sheets

2.950 KD

Gel sheets provide immediate relief fever and lasting up to 8 hours

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Fadomed Ice Cooling Patch 6 Sheets For Fever

Sheets provide immediate cooling relief. Easy and ready to use anywhere and anytime for fever discomfort.

Sheets are sized to fit children's foreheads and adults with gentle adhere, which offer just the right amount of cooling to maximize children's comfort.

The cooling effect of each sheet of Fadomed lasts for up to 8 hours. Since sheets are non-medicated, they are safe to use with medication.

Adheres and removes easily with no-stick residue.

6 sheets - Each 2 x 4.25.


Cooling Patch is used in fever for children and adults.

How to use:

• Apply a patch to the child's forehead and stick it tightly.

• Dispose of the patch after using (single use).

Point of interest:

• Store Fadomed sheets in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature.

• May even be stored in a refrigerator for extra cooling, Do not store it in the freezer.

Made in:



6 Patches.

Store at room temperature.

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