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Feather Flamingo-S 3'S

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Blades helps to remove facial hair easily and without pain

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Feather Flamingo-S 3'S facial blades

Feather Flamingo-S is the ideal tool to remove facial hair in an easy, safe way.
The safety layer on the blades helps give your skin a high degree of protection.
Platinum-hardened Japanese stainless steel provides long-lasting use.
The design makes Feather Flamingo-S perfect to take everywhere.

• Feather Flamingo-S removes the fines hair of the eyebrow and face.
• Beginners can easily and safely use feather Flamingo-S.

How to use:
• Before trimming with Flamingo, apply facial cream or soap to the desired area.
• Refrain from feather Flamingo-S use if pimples or other skin conditions occur.
• After use, wash the razor Flamingo with water and store it in a dry place.

Points of interest:
• Feather Flamingo-S is very sharp Be careful when handling and storing.
• Keep out of reach of children.

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Store at room temperature.
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