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Femfresh Talc-Free Powder 200 g

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A powder for the intimate area helps to absorb the moisture

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Femfresh Talc-Free Powder 200 g  for sensitive area

Femfresh Talc-Free Powder is a delicately scented powder for the intimate area, Tested by dermatologists and gynecologists
It is a talc-free powder that helps you to feel dry, fresh, and more comfortable.
Femfresh Talc-Free Powder helps to absorb moisture after cleansing the intimate area.

Active ingredients:
Aloe vera.

• Femfresh Talc-Free Powder absorbs moisture in the intimate area.
• Gives pH-balanced for the healthy intimate area.
• Gentle formula on the skin.

How to use:
Dust Femfresh Talc-Free Powder onto intimate skin post-bath or shower to absorb moisture.

Points of interest:
• For external use only.
• Keep Femfresh out of reach of children.

Made in:
United Kingdom

200 g

Store at room temperature.
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